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Skytrax delivers excellence


Introduced to the airline industry in 1989, Skytrax Product and Service benchmarking delivers a unique level of expertise.  Competitive Performance analysis for all front-line product and service functions is conducted across more than 100 airlines each year.

The Product and Service Quality Benchmarking programme was specifically designed to meet the individual and quite unique needs of the world airline industry. Airlines that wholeheartedly adopt benchmarking outperform those that do not in various dimensions - their commitment to quality management practices, the communication with employees, concentration on continuous improvement with an emphasis on customer satisfaction - and through proactive management.

Product and Service Benchmarking studies assess relative competitive strengths and weaknesses of airlines across all front-line product and service area. The studies are structured as part of the World Airline Quality Audit, an experiential review, or challenge study.

The Skytrax Benchmarking programme is used widely by airlines seeking to get the most accurate qualitative analysis when assessing codeshare operations, and extends the normal safety and security audit aspects that are handled internally.

Skytrax benchmarking identifies best practice for all airline product and service features - optimising every aspect of potential value added product or services features, together with seeking to eradicate lower value aspects.

The associated Customer Satisfaction benchmarking provides customer satisfaction measurement, containing more than 200 different parameters. When traditional satisfaction studies may supply a result report of performance, Skytrax benchmarking is respected for both developing and helping to introduce the plan of action to improve and develop satisfaction levels.

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