Improving the Airline Customer's Experience

Skytrax World Airline Audit is the leading Product and Service quality improvement programme for the world airline industry, operated for the last 25 years.

Audits start by investigating and evaluating front-line quality standards across all Product and Service delivery areas, for Onboard and Airport operations. Skytrax deliver unique expertise and innovative thinking to design Quality improvement, helping airlines with implementation to ensure required Quality changes happen. Skytrax play an active role in the design and delivery of operating modules for Quality improvement, transformation and development programmes, advising airlines with Customer Experience, Service Design and Experience Engineering projects.

Skytrax Audit projects offer cost-effective and substantial benefits to the airline, delivering practical, professional solutions to help each airline achieve Quality improvement and develop systems to both achieve and maintain such change.

With 25 years experience of this very specialist market, Skytrax rating algorithms enable the most accurate assessment of airline competitive performance available worldwide.

For further information, please contact:

Mr Peter Miller
Director Marketing
Email: miller@airlinequality.com