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Skytrax is an international air transport rating organisation, evaluating and advising upon Quality standards provided by Airlines and Airports across the world. Key information for Skytrax Audit services can be viewed on the links below:


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Airline and Airport Ratings were introduced over 20 years ago, and are recognised as a global benchmark of Quality standards in the air transport industry.


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Objective Quality rating

Skytrax Rating quality measurement uses a well-researched, scientific approach to deliver optimal accuracy, and an objective system using our unified, worldwide standard. The Skytrax ratings have no relation to any type of customer review or survey scoring.


Skytrax created the unified global system for rating Airlines and Airports to provide a programme offering maximum utility and meaning for airline and airport companies, together with providing Quality rating details to assist air travellers.


The Skytrax Star Ratings applied to Airlines and Airports are a coveted hallmark of Quality recognition, with the ultimate achievement being shown in the 5-Star Ratings.

Not Customer rating

Customer reviews and customer ratings are present in almost every part of daily life nowadays, but they are localised and regionally influenced.


Whilst ratings can be applied to customer experience reviews, they cannot provide any true level of  accuracy when one needs a single Quality measurement from a global perspective.


In the way that Hotels are rated 5-Star, 4-Star etc by a clear, single classification system, it would be ironic if hotel guests were able to vote on a formal Star rating for the hotel - based just on their 1 night stay. Imagine a 3-Star Michelin restaurant having to adjust it's previously awarded expert rating if a few diners voted to lower this!

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