About Skytrax

Established in 1989, we are specialist Research Advisors to the air transport industry. Dedicated to improving the Customer Experience for airlines and airports across the world, Skytrax deliver unique knowledge, expertise and innovative thinking to help make change happen.


Based in London, UK, Skytrax advise airlines and airports across the globe on improving Quality standards and Quality competitiveness on a continuous basis. Our staff are professionals who deliver unrivalled experience and knowledge of these specialist markets, advising clients on many different types of Customer Experience, Service Design and Experience Engineering projects.


The Skytrax ethos without fear or favour is paramount to our reputation across the airline and airport industries. Strict adherence to principles of impartiality and honesty are a major force behind the success we enjoy across the globe. Every project we undertake is bound by strict rules, and a regulated adherence to delivering true independence.


Senior Management


Edward Plaisted

Audits & Star Rating


Christopher Harrison

Airline & Airport Audit Management


Peter Miller

Marketing, Press & Media


James Plaisted

Corporate & Brand Development


Mike Sweeney

Lounge Design & Development

Audit Team


Our in-house Audit team is made up of dedicated, experienced air transport research professionals, who can probably be counted as some of the world's most frequent flyers and travellers.


Team members log hundreds of thousands of air miles every year across airlines worldwide, and have unique expertise and experience embracing our corporate culture of "without fear or favour".

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